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Using editorial experience to fulfil complex, high-volume content requirements and hit tough monthly targets

The background

Expedia’s content requirements are huge. For large OTAs, fine-tuning organic SEO performance site means creating original copy for a dizzying combination of destinations, points of interest, products and page types. While small boutique agents and operators might carry one or two pages of content on a single destination, Expedia often carries hundreds, from broad landing pages (‘Milan’) to granular search filter pages (‘Five-star hotels in Milan’).

Expedia turned to Melt to help fulfil a large package of content for its UK site, covering over 10,000 pieces spread across 250 destinations.

Expedia Homepage - Melt Content

Creating a master brief

Melt’s core job was simple: writer management, project management and QA. But while the task was simple enough on the surface, the project required us to juggle a range of topics, page types, style guidelines and keyword requirements. We assembled a team of 12 writers and condensed four guideline documents into a single manageable brief, allowing us to quickly get the team up to speed and easily onboard new talent.

Helping writers work efficiently

To maximise research efficiency and encourage immersion in each destination, we assigned writers one location list at a time, asking them to work methodically through its full copy requirements before moving on to the next. As the project progressed we supplemented Expedia’s skeleton selection of sample copy with our own approved versions, helping refine writers’ work even further.

Expedia Creative Assets - Melt Content

Rigorous editing and smooth delivery

Melt’s in-house editors monitored copy delivery and applied rigorous QA to every piece, ensuring all copy was read and polished before being passed to Expedia. Editors mirrored writers’ one-destination-at-a-time approach, maintaining focus and efficiency at both ends. At the point of delivery we created a series of structured shared folders, keeping copy in destination groups to help Expedia’s internal content managers archive it.

Hitting targets – and going the extra mile

Our approach allowed us to meet tight monthly targets. Since commencing the project we have consistently delivered 500 professionally edited, keyword-optimised pages per month. And we’ve gone beyond requirements, writing a macro to sift destination lists for duplicate and overlapping pages, and quickly switching writers’ briefs to help Expedia meet priority content needs.

Alongside this we have delivered creative assets to support the content and amplify its performance. These involved developing interactive microsites, including a food festival map of the UK, a global Shakespeare-themed map and a ‘design your dream holiday home’ game-style asset. These have boosted user engagement and garnered a lot of interest from industry influencers thanks to our outreach and amplification strategy.

Expedia Dream Holiday Home - Melt Content
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